Sunday, January 20, 2013


That's where I am at the moment in Dieting for Dad ... paused.

No change in my weight for the past 3 weeks which is, I suppose, always better than going up.

January has started with a bang. More personal strife, and a very busy period of health checks - mammograms, bone density, dental and so on. All looking good except some serious bone weakening in my right hip (51%), a result of the Vit D deficiency. But otherwise, feeling good and starting to see some improvements in my energy levels and my skin, so the course of Vit D is clearly starting to kick in. Memory loss and depression still strong, but it's only been 6 weeks since I started the course of treatment. I must keep my expectations realistic.

I've also started walking - at the moment only 3 times a week, but at my current level of low fitness, that's about all I can manage! :)

I'm beginning to realise that before I can lose weight, I need to get my body and my life back in balance.

So, my Dieting for Dad goals have shifted slightly - getting healthy again, both physically and mentally, is top priority and, hopefully, losing the weight will follow as a natural progression from that.

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