Monday, December 31, 2012

End of year review

Here I am at the end of another year and I'm still weigh more than 120kgs.

There is a small critical part of me that wants to rant and rave at myself, but what's the use? It won't change anything. The past is what it is, and if I think back on the emotional blows and challenges of 2012, well, I did pretty good not to spend the whole year binging uncontrollably.

So that's what I'm going take with me into the New Year: under very difficult life circumstances, I did good.

And, in 2013, I'm determined to do even better.

Just to restate my Dieting for Dad goals loudly and clearly. By the end of 2013, no matter what life challenges the year ahead brings, I will:

1)  weigh less than 100kgs (that means I need to lose 22kgs or more.)

2) be walking at least 6kms 3x per week

3) be back to doing yoga at least 1 x per week

4) no longer be eating bread and other wheat-based products

Those are my Dieting for Dad New Year intentions for 2013. All that's left to say is ...


Birdie said...

I am with you. I gained this year. I lost initially but gained more in the end. meh

I did join Weight Watcher 360 online and for the first time ever it looks like an eating lifestyle I can do.

Hang in there. At the end of the day, every healthy choice is one strp forward.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Thanks Birdie - as you say, every step is one step forward! :) I haven't eaten sugar AT ALL since 26 March, so despite not losing the weight, that's a GIANT leap forward! :)