Sunday, November 11, 2012


Haven't forgotten that I'm supposed to be DIETING FOR DAD. Going through a patch of playing ostrich, hoping that if I pretend it doesn't exist, it'll go away.

Unfortunately, my weight issues have never gone away, no matter how much I ignore it. Am stuck stuck stuck and the frustrating part is that I know what I have to do to break that deadlock, but I don't want to do, so I'm stalling and, in a knee jerk reaction, am actually binging. 

I have to (sob) give up bread and other gluten products. All the signs are there. I know that when I give up wheat the weight falls off me. 

So why am I currently living off ONLY bread, pasta and pizza? Because I just don't want to let go my greatest comfort blanket - my bread!! 

But today I'm going to do something positive. I'm going to google "what foods contain gluten" and "symptoms of glute allergy." Hopefully that'll scare, er, encourage me into giving up bread!

We're off to Cape Town (again! I know this backwards and forwards is in a good cause - my mother in law is ill with ovarian cancer - but it's exhausting and disruptive, and I DO NOT do well when I don't have a strict routine to keep me grounded) but when we're back I'm really going to take that leap and just tear myself away from my attachment to bread and other wheat based products.

It won't be a pretty sight, but it has to get done if I want to achieve my weight goals in my year of DIETING FOR DAD.

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