Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 177 to 204/365

Sunday 14 October 2012

If you think I've been ignoring this blog because I fell off the diet wagon, well, you're...right! 

Sadly I've really been struggling with losing weight and have zoomed back up to 122,6 kgs.

On the other hand, despite the worst kind of temptation (namely, the inner voice that says all those delicious things like, "Go on! You've been so good. One chocolate won't harm you" or "Go on. Have one. Things have been so rough and bad, you deserve a chocolate to cheer you up!") Despite this insidious temptation (which is far harder to resist than an actual chocolate!) I have STILL not touched sugar, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, cakes, any of the sweet junk food.)

My weight gain came from the worst binge I've had in at least 2-3 years - nothing was safe in the house! If it didn't move after 10 secs, I ate it (as long as it wasn't sugar or salad.)

Today I pulled myself together and started the day by getting back to my exercise routine. I was horrified at how far I've backslid, but all is not lost! At least my tree pose was surprisingly strong and stable, even though I was gasping for breath after all the other exercises including 30 minutes on the treadmill at 2,5km per hour.

Because I think the next four weeks are a critical time in my diet, I've recommitted myself today to really really trying my best from this period 14 October to 14 November.  I want to give it my all and aim for a loss of 5,6 kgs in 4 weeks. That's a tough but doable target - IF I stick to a strictly no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, eating plan. I'm already comfortable with the "no sugar" part so it's the no dairy, no wheat (including bread) part that'll be hard. 

NO BREAD! Sob! But I know when I cut out bread and butter and sugar from my food the weight falls off me by the kilogram.

So...wish me luck as I refocus on Dieting for Dad!

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